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Sample Website Audits

Look Inside BookHere are just a few sample website audits we have completed and are able to publish. This is just a very small snapshot summary of what was typically a 70 page report on each site.

Amazingly, despite having our audit report we still find some site owners fail to take sufficient action to implement our recommendations.

This includes NOT fixing broken links, correcting misleading navigation, or optimizing images to speed up page loading, which would all improve the visitor experience of their sites.

The sites listed below are typical, they are not just our best examples and they do include sites that in our opinion failed to take sufficient action to correct the problems raised by our audit.

You can also see some of the typical problems we find with websites during a website audit at Example Website Audit Findings

Our message is simple:

If you can't act on our advice,
don't get a website audit !

A FAILURE to TAKE ACTION is one of THE BIGGEST problems we see,
so don't be a site owner who fails to take action.


Is a web design firm that was used in a case study we did on good web design. The site had received a 9.1 out of 10 review rating on unmatchedstyle.com a site that showcases well designed websites.

This was not a full audit but used our web design checklists which gave a rating of 4.2 out of 10.

The two checklists used to review ehousestudio.com are available at download web design checklists

Website Audit ehousestudio.com


A web design portal rated in the best of the best websites on siteinspire.net a showcase website for well designed websites.

This was not a full audit but used our web design checklists which gave a rating of 6.5 out of 10.

The two checklists used to review virb.com are available at download web design checklists

Website Audit virb.com


It was very clear this site's web designer had little or no understanding of site design for search engines and in our seo audit we could find NO evidence the site had been designed using even basic SEO.

Visitor traffic and conversion of the site were low.

Following our web evaluation the site was completely redesigned on a new domain and conversion increased to 7.7% with targeted traffic. Click the link below to download the full case study as a PDF report (6.6MB). Click to Download the full case study

Website Audit Spiegelbankruptcy.com


This hotel site had a reasonable volume of visitor traffic but was poor in converting website visitors into hotel bookings.

Following our website evaluation 5 pages on the site were redesigned. The best converting page increased its conversion by 698% and the site revenue overall increased by almost 3 times what it had been.
Click to Download the full case study

Website Audit hdasantafe.com


While the site was reasonably people friendly we concluded from our seo audit the site was NOT particularly search engine friendly.

The home page had only 9 of 23 essential SEO factors for a top 10 ranking on Google.com and met only 10% of the required seo audit factors overall.

The overall site would benefit from optimization not just in terms of SEO but also in terms of image and graphic optimization.

Website Audit MassbaySpeakers.com


It was clear from the site’s visual appearance, the visitor impression and marketing message through to the sales experience that significant improvements could be made to the conversion rate.

These improvements involved introducing marketing concepts, better sales letters and stream-lining the sales process to reduce choices and distractions.

We recommended split-testing using Taguchi Multivariate Testing which produced faster results with less visitor traffic.

Website Audit ValleySports.com


Our seo audit revealed this site was not optimized for search engines. Among our improvements were key pages with better targeted keyword phrases and optimizing the website with specific SEO added.

Link sculpturing with more inbound links was to be added to sales pages raising the search ranking of the pages and funneling more visitor traffic to them.

Our web design analysis showed the need to remove duplicate pages, non-unique page titles, non-unique page descriptions, non-unique page content and fix broken links.

Website Audit PhoenixCentre.com


For a site promoting website design it had little impact, especially in terms of graphical design, form or function. There was also no USP or Value Proposition and sales messages focused on service features not benefits.

The site link structure needed redesigning to focus on the sites key pages. Search listings had duplicate headings and descriptions that did not encourage click through’s.

In our seo audit the home page met only 48% of the page requirements to rank in the Top 10 on Google.

This website designer (owner) made few changes !

Website Audit DigitalKonline.com


The visual appearance and content on key pages placed too much emphasis on the personal coaches and not enough on the needs and wants of visitors.

Booking forms were difficult to find, with little priority on the site, being linked from only 3 other site pages.

An HTML validation check uncovered 59 errors that needed to be corrected on just one page.

Our seo audit showed key pages met only 10% of the requirements for a top 10 ranking on Google. There were many broken links to pages and the site needed more quality incoming links from a wider range of different domains.

Website Audit Newvisionaries.net


The site was generally well designed for both search engines and people, however the sales page needed more links from internal pages pointing to the page to better funnel visitor traffic.

There were also too many broken links on the site that needed fixing. Our overview of the “sales copy” indicated there was significant room for improvement in order to increase the page conversion rate from its current level of less than 0.1%.

While we showed areas of the sales copy and page layout that could be improved, it went beyond the scope of the report to rewrite the sales page.

Website Audit ImportExportHelp.com

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