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Website Audit Report

Will include, but not be limited to, how search engine friendly your site is, what elements to change to improve conversion, what aspects of your competitors you can use to your advantage, the suitability of your keywords and effectiveness of your site's links.

The primary objective of our web evaluation is to enable you, through acting upon our recommendations, to get more targeted visitor traffic to your site and improve the conversion of your key landing pages so as to make more sales or get more leads.

Search Engine Friendly Assessment
search engine friendly

As part of our seo audit we examine how well your site is designed for the search engines. There are specific ways to create a web site to maximize the potential for search engine rankings. Our web design analysis will point out what is wrong on your web site and what should be improved.

Conversion Improvement
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Using our expertise we analyze your website's traffic funnelling, its key landing pages and its existing web analytics to see how well your site converts visitors into buyers and/or leads and the potential for improvement. The goal of this part of the website audit will be to determine and recommend ways for improving your web site’s ability to make you more money.

Competitor Analysis
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Using the results of our seo audit and competitor analysis for your most important keywords we will determine what aspects of your web site should be changed to adopt those of your more successful competitors. Based on our competitor analysis we will make further recommendations to enable your site to perform better against your competitors.

Keyword Research
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We review the top keywords you have chosen to get high rankings with the search engines and assess if they are the best choices based on your target market, the number of searches, level of competition and a web design analysis of your website.

Our objective is to see if more appropriate keywords can be added so your website can gain higher rankings and better targeted visitor traffic.

Link Analysis
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Our web design analysis also looks at the quality, quantity and structure of links both internally within your website and pointing externally to it. These are key aspects of your site's ability to get rankings and more visitor traffic from the search engines. After evaluating your website we make recommendations for improving or expanding your web site’s link popularity.

Web Business Viability
search engine friendly

Based on product sale price, profit margin, visitor traffic volume (current and potential), conversion rate, and our overall web design analysis an assessment can be made of the short and long term viability of the online business.

Web Site Audit Summary
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Our web site audit will reveal many areas for improvement on your web site and these will be summarized in order of priority for you to action. The priorities we assign to the recommendations we make are based on our expert judgement.


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