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Completing a Website Audit

By asking about our website audit you are one step closer to more search engine visitors and turning more of those visitors into buyers, clients or subscribers.

We also guarantee you will get results, so you have nothing to lose with our web audit and our full $500 back guarantee.

We guarantee to provide you with changes to improve your website that you can act upon, to get more targeted visitor traffic and improve the conversion of your key visitor landing pages.

This will result in you making more sales, getting more subscribers or leads or any other visitor action you expect from your site.

365 day guarantee

Our guarantee is our promise
and one we take very seriously

That’s why we offer a full 12 months to make the changes we advise and if you don’t see positive results at the end of that time we will give you $500 (see guarantee for details).

We know and understand how difficult it can be to take a step back from your business and your website and view it as other people see it. Sometimes you can be just too close to your web business to be really objective about it.

How often have you thought to yourself, what I need is someone else’s opinion about my website and perhaps even my web business. And yes we know you could go to a forum and ask for free advice or an opinion.

But, what experience do people on a forum really have that you can trust to act on, how many of them are experts and how many of them offer you a guarantee with their advice ?

Do you want to put the future of your website and business in the hands of complete strangers whose expertise you know nothing about and who don't have a vested interest in your success?

$500 Guarantee

We have a vested interest in your success
... Our $500 Guarantee !

And our website audits are a lot more than just writing a few lines about your website color scheme or your site navigation. There's a great deal more behind a successful website than what it looks like and it's why our expertise is in optimizing websites.

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1 How search engine friendly is your web site ?

In the website seo audit we examine how well your site is designed for the search engines.

There are specific ways to create a web site to maximize the potential for search engine rankings.

Our web design analysis will point out what is wrong or missing on your web site and what should be improved.

search engine friendly

2 How can your site convert more visitors into taking action ?

Using our conversion expertise and web design analysis we carry out a web evaluation of your site's traffic funnelling, its key landing page/s and existing analytics.

We assess how well your site converts visitors into buyers and/or leads and the potential for improvement.

Our website evaluation will determine and recommend ways for your web site to make you more money.

Conversion improvement

3 What aspects of your competitor success can you mimic ?

Using competitor analysis for your most important keywords, we determine what aspects of your web site could be changed to adopt those of your successful competitors.

Based on our web design analysis we will make further recommendations to enable your site to better compete with your competitors.

Competitor analysis

4 Have you chosen the most suitable keywords ?

As part of our seo site audit we assess the top keywords you have chosen to get high rankings with the search engines.

We assess whether they are your best choices based on your target market, the number of searches, level of competition and your current website design.

Our objective is to see if there are more appropriate keywords or additions to your keywords that will gain you higher rankings and better targeted visitor traffic.

Keyword review

5 Does your site have good links & make the best use of them ?

We audit the quality, quantity and structure of links both internally within your website and pointing externally to it. These are key aspects of your sites ability to get rankings and more visitor traffic from the search engines.

This stage of the website auditing is followed by recommendations for changing your site's link structure and improving or expanding your site’s link popularity.

Link quality

6 Web Business Viability
Based on the product sale price, profit margin, visitor traffic volume, conversion rate and overall website design we can assess the viability of the online web business.

  • Can your target market be reached, how soon and at what cost ?
  • Can your product or service offering be improved and how ?
  • Do you have a good unique selling proposition and value proposition ?
  • Is your profit potential greater than the cost of acquiring visitors ?
  • What conversion rate does your site need to be viable ?
  • Is the required conversion rate possible with the proposed changes ?
  • How long will it all take and what it is likely to cost ?

7 Website Auditing Summary
Our website audit will reveal many areas for improvement on your web site and will be summarized in order of priority for you to action. The priorities we assign are based on our expert judgement of what brings the most benefit, at least cost, in the shortest time possible.

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The 10 Steps in the Audit Process

Step 1 Click the button below to ask about your own website audit.

Step 2 We acknowledge your request and ask you to answer a carefully designed series of questions about your web business objectives and your website.

Step 3 We assess the information you supply and ask you to confirm that after receiving our report you agree to carry out the changes we recommend within an acceptable timeframe.

Step 4 If we are satisfied with the answers we receive we agree to conduct the audit of your website. If we are not satisfied enough to proceed, we go no further.

Step 5 We carry out the analysis and audit of your website and provide you with a detailed report with our findings and prioritized recommendations for you to act upon.

Step 6 We discuss the website auditor's report with you and answer any questions you may have about our recommended changes to your website or business.

Step 7 After 2-3 months we do a follow up to see what changes you have made and whether you have applied them correctly. If the changes have not been correctly made we will advise you.

Step 8 We monitor your website to measure the affect of our recommended changes on the level and type of visitor traffic and on the conversion rate of your website.

Step 9 We analyze the results of your web metrics to determine the level of improvement our recommendations have made to your website and business.

Step 10 Within 12 months (or sooner) a decision (based on web metrics) is made on whether our recommendations have proven to improve your website performance and business. If they have not, we pay you $500 according to our stated guarantee.

Taking the 1st STEP to improve your web business

Ask us about improving your web business by clicking the button below

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$500 Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee
So confident are we in improving your website that I will
give you * $500 if you don’t see increases in your website business within 12 months.
365 Day Guarantee

* Our guarantee is based on correctly implementing the recommendations and being able to show with quantifiable results that the traffic to, or conversion of your site improved within **12 months of receiving the improvements suggested.

** You have a FULL 12 months (which is enough time) in which to make the changes and see the results. If after 12 months you have not seen any improvements in your website traffic or conversion, I will give you $500.

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert

P.S. This is not one of those guarantees where you don't have enough time to see if you get results. You have a full 12 months, which is enough time for anyone. Of course we expect you to see results much sooner.

P.P.S. Because of the nature of our unique 12 month guarantee you must be prepared and able to work with us to make the improvements to your website that we propose following our audit.