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Implementing Recommendations
After a Website Audit

The next step

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After your website audit is complete the next step is to implement the recommendations that will bring you the most benefit.

If you have taken one of our website audits, the recommendations provided are already laid out in a priority to bring you the most benefit, for the least cost, in the shortest time possible.

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"All you have to do is act upon the recommendations,
which as we know is sometimes easier said than done"

Website owners

One problem for website owners who had their audited website built by a web designer is the designer is often reluctant to act upon the recommendations. This is understandable as the web designer can feel their decisions and skills are being challenged, and in one way they’re right.

I have no problem with challenging bad design or bad decisions. If a web designer can not justify why they have done something a particular way, with a sound well considered argument, then they must accept they could have made a bad choice and expect to have it challenged.

More Help & Support

If you need more help with your online business I have produced a 3.5 hour video course, the details of which you will find under the Help & Support section of this website.

The video course is recently released and to encourage you to give it a try I'm offering an EARLYBIRD discount which enables you to get the course for just $22, that's 50% off the normal price. The course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click on Help & Support for more details about this video course.

All too often the website owner does not know enough about website design to be able to ask their web designer the right questions, or challenge design decisions, but we do.

The web designer may also feel the website auditor is trying to muscle in on their client and take over their web design project. In our case, this is simply not true. Who the site owner chooses to have as their web designer is the site owners choice not ours.

If a website owner is happy their existing web designer is going to implement the audit recommendations in a spirit of co-operation rather than sabotage them, then we don’t have a problem with that.

My only concern is to ensure our recommendations are implemented correctly and not in a way that undermines the resulting improvements. We do after-all guarantee our website audit recommendations and stand to lose money if what we suggest does not improve the website.

For this reason, we need to be sure the client’s web designer is implementing our website audit recommendations correctly. It’s also the reason why we monitor the progress of changes to the client’s website to make sure they are being applied correctly.

Website designers

The web designer should see this as an opportunity to earn more from the client by getting paid to implement the recommendations we make. It’s up to the client to decide how much extra to pay the web designer to do things in a way they should perhaps have done in the first place.

In my experience the web designers who have the least confidence and ability are the ones who object the most to making the recommended changes. The designers who don’t feel threatened and approach change with an open mind are the ones with greater confidence and ability.

"But the website owner needs to ask themselves, which is more important,
the future success of their website or the web designer’s ego"

In addition the website owner needs to ask their website designer if they are prepared to guarantee the website they have designed, in the same way we guarantee our recommendations ... with a $500 money back guarantee.

$500 Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee
So confident are we in improving your website that I will
give you * $500 if you don’t see increases in your website business within 12 months.
365 Day Guarantee

I don’t think you’ll find your web designer prepared to put their money where their mouth is !

We also do regular client follow-ups to see how things are progressing, to answer any further questions about the website audit or about implementing and testing our recommendations.

Because of our guarantee we have a strong interest that your website and web business improves as a result of making the changes we recommend.

Your Success is Our Success !

For more information on a full website audit visit taking a website audit or for information on a scaled down web audit visit mini website audits

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert

This is not one of those guarantees where you don't have enough time to see if you get results. You have a full 12 months, but of course we expect you to see results much sooner.